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3 Warning Signs That You Need Lawn Mower Repair

Schedule lawn mower repair service in Lubbock, TX today

Is your lawn mower running poorly? If you're experiencing lawn mower problems in Lubbock, TX, Hub City Lawn Equipment can help. Contact us for lawn mower repair service if:

  • Your mower is leaking oil
  • Your mower isn't starting quickly
  • Your mower is losing power in thick grass

Don't wait until your lawn mower is completely broken. We can fix everything from your mower's engine to its power generator. Repair services are just a phone call away. Call 806-701-5308 now to arrange for expert lawn mower repair service and generator repair.

How to keep your lawn mower in good shape

Prevent the need for costly lawn mower engine or generator repair before it ever becomes a problem. Here's how:

  • Change the mower oil at regular intervals
  • Replace your mower's air filters as needed
  • Change your gas around every 30 days
  • Sharpen the mower blades as needed

Some of these services can be done by our certified mechanics in Lubbock, TX. We're here to help you keep your lawn equipment in great condition.